Màu xanh lá cây – The Colour Green

Green was Viet Nam’s first colour. Before the people, the culture, the languages, the cities; there was a green covered land. Alive and bright with the vegetation and botantic scents. It was a colour of renewal and regrowth.

That changed soon enough and the colour green came to symbolise more.

Two hundred Vietnamese solders and I visited Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum one day. I might have stood out slightly.

20131225 Vietnam trip 1281

A vibrant green of a banana (chuối) plantation, nestled in a mountain valley. The landscape was as beautiful and serene as I was hot and sweaty. The ideal growing conditions for bananas are not the ideal conditions for a hike.


Getting covered in vines and moss is just part of getting older for Viet Nam’s ancient buildings.

20131225 Vietnam trip 325

Rice waiting to be harvested. I was waiting for the rain and cool change promised by the clouds.


I ordered this drink because it was called Cóc* and I childish thought it would be funny to order. The joke was on me. It was just terrible, undrinkable. The radioactive green colour should have been my first warning.

20131120 HCMC 007

Eventually the vegetation will take what was once their’s. There are already some temples that are succumbing.

20131225 Vietnam trip 774
I couldn’t resist getting a little artsy.

*This is a drink called Nước Cóc. Nước means ‘water’ or ‘juice,’ while Cóc means ‘frog.’ A Cóc is also a small green fruit that is the same size, shape and colour as a tree frog. This drink was made with fake Cóc, as always, real Cóc is best.


6 thoughts on “Màu xanh lá cây – The Colour Green

  1. Thanks for posting your great photos! So cool how you focused on a color and brought out elements of that color in a location. I might try that in a post sometime.


    1. You should try it. I’ve done this with a couple of colours https://theepowerofgood.wordpress.com/2015/07/08/mau-do-mau-vang-the-colour-red-the-colour-gold/ and https://theepowerofgood.wordpress.com/2015/08/14/mau-xanh-the-colour-blue/

      It has been interesting to think about more than just objects, people and locations in a photo. Anyway, I take at least one photo a day, so I have quite the backlog to choose from and it is a way to organise them.


    1. Thank you for saying so. I started writing mostly for myself but it has become such a lovely part of the blog to have other people comment and give feedback.
      It is greatly appreciated.


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